Representation of Schubert’s «Die Winterreise» produced by the Frankfurt Kammeroper with scenography by Mateo Vilagrasa at the Instituto Cervantes in Frankfurt

April 28, 2018

Die Winterreise is the culmination of Mateo Vilagrasa’s collaboration with the Frankfurt Kammeroper, and specifically of his complicity with its founder and director, Rainer Pudenz. It is a show that not only reinterprets and updates in a musical but also visual and theatrical key Franz Schubert’s famous song cycle, but also establishes a dialogue between the historical vision and a more modern vision of the piece, arranged by the  classical avant-garde composer, Andrea Cavallari. For the scenography Vilagrasa created an articulated rectangular cube, which reproduces schematically a pubis on one of its sides, and its opposite on the other. However, the lines recall a dead tree, a repetitive image in this Schubertian cycle.

Simultaneously, and under the title The Light, an exhibition of Vilagrasa’s pictorial work, related to scenography, was held at the Cervantes Institute, and also a selection of the works he produced during the years he lived in Frankfurt. Furthermore, the two volumes of Book of books were presented for the first time in Germany, where his work is present in both private and public collections.

From April 28 to May 10, 2018