Mateo Vilagrasa


The artists of the future have understood that art, the knowledge of ourselves, knowing who we are, what we do, where we are going, looking for a reason to exist, went beyond specialization.

We have created images without borders that allow us to unite them, as if they were a map and as if that union formed the understanding of a continent. The style is fragmented to achieve a larger unity that monopolizes the plural and gives way to the new understanding of singularity. It bursts when it is very compressed.

As an artist of the future, I am not part of any generation. Nor any group or institution. And not being a specialist, I use emotion, and I subordinate style to thought.

I have done all my work on the sidelines, outside the stablishment and therefore I have made my own art.

I have made a commitment: my work will NOT be used by politicians, flag wavers or any group that seeks to appropriate it for its own purposes.

I don't paint for everyone, but for an international community.

I am a thinker who paints.

Mateo Vilagrasa
La Cardosa, May 22, 2016

Trailer for the documentary film Winter Journey (Adiós)  by Anna Sanmartí, produced by Nanouk Films, BAS and Suica Films (2019)


The nomad knows that the future is built in the present. He can love without the forced need to possess. He clings to moments and memories, and uses them as sculpture. If memories are, they happen in a moment and invade you, they can be light for painting. Art builds your life and your memory.

1944   San Rafael del Maestrat (Maestrazgo)
1948   Bojar (La Tinanza de Benifasar)
1950   Corachar (La Tinanza de Benifasar)
1952   Santa Magdalena (Maestrazgo)
1954   San Mateo (Maestrazgo)
1956   Alcalá de Chibert (Maestrazgo)
1957   Peñíscola (Maestrazgo)
1958   Santa Magdalena (Maestrazgo)
1959   Marsá - Falset (Priorato)
1961   Castelserás (Teruel)
1962   Alcañiz - Paris - Madrid
1963   Madrid - Barcelona
1964   Barcelona
1966   Paris
1968   Frankfurt
1970   Ibiza - Nerja - Morocco
1971   Frankfurt - Italy
1972   Frankfurt - Peloponnesus
1973   Frankfurt - Scandinavian countries
1975   Frankfurt
1976   Vinaroz (Maestrazgo)
1979   Barcelona
1990   Marrakech - Munich - Barcelona
1992   Essaouira - Munich - Barcelona
1995   Barcelona - Munich - Marrakech
2005   Barcelona - Vila-rodona (Tarragona)
2006   Vila-rodona (Tarragona)
2007   Hospital Valle de Hebrón (Barcelona)
2008   Barcelona
2009   La Cardosa (Lérida)
2018   La Cardosa (Lérida)


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