The Foundation



The Mateo Vilagrasa Foundation (FMV) was created in 2005 to accommodate a physical and institutional space in which to preserve and publicize the work of the artist Mateo Vilagrasa. Its objective is both to take care and spread the artist's work, as well as to establish links with artistic, cultural and university entities in order to promote the creation, production and transmission of contemporary art and thought.

Board and Team

The Foundation's board and team are made up of professionals from the world of art, academia, culture in its many facets, as well as cultural management.

PRESIDENT: Montse Gomis, painter and engraver
VICE-PRESIDENT: Rainer Pudenz, director of the Frankfurt Kammeroper
SECRETARY: Eduardo Espejo, economist, bibliophile and art collector

Aquiles Vilagrasa, film producer
María del Mar Arnús, historian and art critic
Rosa Serra, writer and editor
Nadia Henche, art collector
Rafael Argullol, narrator, poet and essayist
Manuel Pujadas, lawyer and collector
Ventura Durall, producer and film director

MANAGEMENT: Genara Sert, PhD in Philosophy and Cultural Manager

Collaborators: Rafael Corral, Juli Roure, Anna Martín, Paco García, Pili Soler, José Ramón García, Lluís Porcel, Manolo Desviat, Francisco Pereña.

Friends of the Foundation

Friends of the FMV can enjoy the following advantages:

· Free access to the Foundation site
· Invitation to all openings
· Continuous information on the activities programmed by the Foundation
· Relief in income or company tax

You may choose between the following categories. Send an email to, and we will contact you.


The Castell de la Cardosa (Cervera), a building declared a Cultural Asset of National Interest, houses the Foundation's site and a permanent exhibition of a selection of the artist's works.