Editing and publication of Mateo Vilagrasa’s book “MANIFIESTO SOBRE ARTE Y LIBERTAD/AFORISMOS”

August 6, 2022


2021-2022 Manifiesto sobre Arte y Libertad/Aforismos is the last project in which Vilagrasa worked before dying. Launched by the Mateo Vilagrasa Foundation, responsible as well for its editing and publication together with the collaboration of collectors and Foundation’s friends.

The edition is handmade and consists of 74 copies numbered from 1 to 74 + 7 copies numbered from I to VII (Roman numeration) with the artist’s signature. It is illustrated with 42 images of original drawings, 9 photographs of the artist and his studio in Poble Nou, as well as 2 numbered lithographs with the artist’s signature (“En el pedestal” and “Siempre hay algún dios que proveerá”), presented in a handcrafted conservation box with two trays.


Editing: Montse Gomis and Paco García Estupiñá
Presentation text: Paco García Estupiñá
Graphic Design: Estudio Pep Carrió
Printing: Graphic Arts Palermo
Lithographs: Taller Quadrat 9
Photographs: Oriol Bosch, Montse Gomis, Aquiles Vilagrasa, Mateo Vilagrasa
Conservation box of two artisan trays: Poncho Martínez
English translation: Laurel Hirsch with the collaboration of José Ramón García


RRP 350€